Global climate change and the increasingly limited availability of natural resources present long-term challenges to powering the world in a sustainable way. Government, industry, and other stakeholders are developing innovative solutions and coordinated actions to increase market penetration of low-carbon technologies and practices, deploy infrastructure that supports clean technologies, adapt and prepare for climate change, and conserve water and mineral resources amid evolving natural and political environments. 

Increasing energy demand worldwide must be addressed while preparing for the impacts of climate change and meeting greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals. Accomplishing these conflicting and complex missions requires a keen appreciation of the influences of policy options and technology solutions. 

Energetics has an intimate understanding of high-level climate resilience, GHG emissions, and water-use profiles and associated policies. We conduct in-depth adaptation strategies; emissions scenarios; research, development, and deployment (RD&D) portfolio evaluations; and policy assessments. Our adept policy and technical analysis capabilities support public and private-sector clients in developing comprehensive solutions to improve climate resilience and meet emissions-reduction and water-optimization goals.