U.S. infrastructure contains some of the most complex and heavily relied upon systems in the world. The national network of infrastructures comprises human, physical, and cyber systems that collectively enable trillions of dollars of economic activity and lay the foundations for our way of life. Ensuring the reliability and resilience of critical infrastructures against terrorist threats, natural disasters, and operational emergencies is a priority for owners, operators, and leaders from industry and government. 

Energetics provides strategic planning, issue analysis, stakeholder outreach, process facilitation, and technology roadmapping to focus and align public and private efforts in infrastructure protection.

Protection and Resilience
Conducting strategic planning sessions and practice exercises to help government and businesses address pre-emergency issues, recognize potentially threatening situations, and initiate quick responses

Cyber Security
Developing sector-specific strategies to secure critical infrastructures against cyber threats, and implementing those strategies through R&D program management support and partnership development