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The industrial sector is the engine of the U.S. economy. Progress within these industries is critical to achieving national energy and climate change goals as companies face intense pressure from uncertain markets, global competition, fluctuating energy prices, and looming greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations.

Developing holistic, cost-effective solutions to energy, environmental, and market challenges is at the core of Energetics' services to industry. We work with individual companies, technical societies, and their members to benchmark performance, assess needs, evaluate technology solutions, and design strategies for improvement.


Developing research and development (R&D) frameworks for revolutionary processes, assessing market applications, and developing visions and roadmaps that follow the aluminum refining process through to the product development and application stages.


Supporting the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) R&D activities, benchmarking manufacturing energy use, designing supply chain initiatives, and developing partnerships between the automotive industry, its suppliers, and the government.


Supporting the Chemical Vision2020 partnership, developing more than 10 specialty roadmaps, and analyzing opportunities within the industry to reduce energy and GHG intensity.

Fabrication and Assembly

Developing a roadmap for robotics in manufacturing, planning inferential process control R&D, and characterizing energy savings opportunities within the industry.

Forest Products

Supporting industry collaborative partnerships, characterizing novel feedstock opportunities, and profiling energy and environmental performance.


Supporting the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council and other government and private clients by profiling energy and environmental performance and developing technology roadmaps.

Information Technology

Providing the information and communication technology (ICT) community with a vision for the future, supporting the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance, and preparing an industrial wireless vision.

Metal Forming and Joining

Assessing energy savings opportunities within the industry, profiling energy and environmental performance, and developing technology roadmaps for casting, forging, and welding.


Assessing new markets for international clients and developing technology roadmaps for AMIRA International.


Supporting nanomanufacturing R&D and the National Nanotechnology Initiative as well as preparing outreach products for non-technical audiences.

Petroleum Refining

Validating new technology performance, characterizing energy and carbon savings opportunities within the industry, and benchmarking energy use and emissions.


Supporting the American Iron and Steel Institute R&D program, benchmarking energy use and CO2 emissions, and assessing new technologies.