A 21st century economy requires a modern electric power grid that can effectively utilize renewable energy sources, distributed power, and demand response programs, while accommodating plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and other energy-efficient technologies. Additional capacity is needed to meet growing electricity demand, and smart grid technology is needed to enable the two-way flow of electricity and information. Stakeholders at all levels of government and industry must work together to define requirements, identify technology needs, and address policy and implementation challenges.

Energetics specializes in developing collaborative processes to help clients plan, evaluate, and implement decisions that will modernize the nation’s electric grid. We have worked with federal and state agencies, regional transmission organizations, utilities, and vendors to strengthen and protect the electric grid while making it more flexible and resilient. This goal is not achievable unless federal policies are aligned with state policies—a complex challenge that can be approached through our successful partnership facilitation. Energetics conducts research and analysis on grid integration of clean resources, advanced technologies, interoperability, and cybersecurity, and we play an instrumental role in the management and production of publications that address smart grid implementation and current and future capacity of the electricity system.