The industrial sector accounts for roughly one-third of all energy use in the United States, mostly in the form of coal, oil, and natural gas, either directly or in the generation of electricity. Only one-third of industrial energy is embedded in marketable industrial products; the remainder is lost along the pathway from production to end use. The energy landscape in the industrial sector is changing; significant gains have been made in industrial energy efficiency and technology innovation, and this trend is accelerating, thanks in part to evolving certification and incentive programs. The underlying reliance on energy will continue to be a constant element, and the industrial sector will remain closely knitted to the circumstances of the energy sector. Global cost fluctuations and changes in energy supply trickle down through the industrial supply chain, with significant impacts on the bottom line, jobs, and market growth.

Energetics works in all segments of the industrial energy market, from energy generation and supply—both fossil and renewable—to delivery. Our experience in the latter ranges from smart grid alternatives to optimized end-use efficiency. We know the markets; every day, our engineers and analysts create new research and analysis products that spark discussions about opportunity and improvement. We recognize the intricacy and understand the implications; we have journeyed industrial-energy-related ups and downs with government, association, and industry clients for more than three decades. We are hands-on with the details; our policy, regulatory, and statistical intelligence, obtained through published and networked sources, enables smart decision making.