Energetics provides measurement services to help clients improve internal management decisions and more effectively communicate value to stakeholders.

Metrics for Data-Driven Decisions – Managers may be awash in data yet not have the information needed to make effective decisions. Energetics helps clients link data to decisions, working with managers to evaluate their decision-making processes, identifying the information needed to support those processes, and establishing metrics tailored to those needs.

Value Stream Metrics – Value stream metrics are critical to demonstrating value. Energetics helps clients create a logic model that depicts key value streams, mapping how program activities lead to meaningful outcomes. From this model, Energetics establishes a concise set of value stream metrics.

Target Setting – Targets convey a message about an organization’s goals and contain assumptions about resources, capabilities, and external factors. Energetics helps clients establish targets that are consistent with assumptions and that convey the right messages.

Data Collection – Effective metrics require rigorous methodology and transparent procedures. Energetics helps clients develop valid, cost-effective data collection mechanisms and standard operating procedures that document roles and responsibilities for data collection.

Data Management Systems – Effective data management systems combine centralized storage with tailored reporting functions that enable clients to make effective decisions and communicate value. Energetics integrates our performance measurement and information technology expertise to develop data management systems that are cost-effective and user-friendly.

Data Quality Control – Organizations often have an array of established metrics of varying quality and usefulness. Energetics conducts systematic verification and validation assessments that identify metrics’ weaknesses and provide concrete recommendations for improving data quality.

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Joan Pellegrino
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