Energetics, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and industry partners recently organized a forum representing the first dialogue between the United States and China on remediating “brownfields,” or land that is potentially contaminated because of past industrial or commercial use. The forum, entitled “A Standards in Trade Workshop on China Brownfields Remediation,” took place on September 1 in Chicago. More than 70 people attended, including a delegation from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and more than a dozen selected U.S. technology and specialty firms. 

During the forum, the Chinese delegation discussed its vision and challenges regarding brownfield remediation, which has come to the forefront in China because of poor industrial and pollution management in the past, combined with the growing need for land reuse. The country has limited experience in brownfield remediation and is eager to learn from U.S. entities with significant expertise in developing environmental improvement technologies and remediation strategies.

U.S. representatives discussed the history of brownfield remediation in the United States, current approaches to standards development, and workforce training efforts. The absence of global expertise on this topic creates an opportunity to advance U.S. technical development and enable U.S. businesses to enter into this new and rapidly expanding market.

Energetics will work with NIST and industry partners on future dialogues to promote further knowledge sharing and joint leadership on this critical topic. In particular, the Chinese delegation expressed a deep interest in participating in additional exchanges regarding U.S. approaches on standards development, project management approaches, and workforce training efforts. 

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Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, on Flickr