Energetics has joined the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC), a nonprofit organization that fosters collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of a safe, consumer-friendly smart grid. 

Energetics looks forward to sharing our smart grid perspective and experience with SGCC and its partners. Energetics specializes in developing collaborative processes to help clients plan, evaluate, and implement decisions that will modernize the nation’s electric grid. Plus, Energetics has substantial experience working with federal and state agencies, regional transmission organizations, utilities, and vendors to strengthen and protect the electric grid while also making it more flexible and resilient.

Since its founding in 2010, SGCC has funded independent research on consumer smart grid issues, provided forums for members to share and learn, and facilitated collaboration among members to develop industry best practices. Energetics is eager to collaborate with other SGCC members, including leaders from the business community, utilities, regulators, and advocacy groups, to promote a safe, consumer-approved smart grid. 

For more information on our smart grid efforts, please contact us