Twelve Energetics employees participated in a recent company-sponsored stream clean up event at Patapsco Valley State Park, just south of Baltimore. The team collected 740 pounds of trash—including tires, shoes, diapers, steel girders, and more—during the October 12 event organized by Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc. These efforts will help protect the Patapsco River watershed, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

Besides typical trash such as bottles, cans, food wrappers, and plastic bags, the team collected a corroded water heater, clothes, phone cords, toys, an old boat, a car bumper, a complete birthday party set for a child’s fourth birthday, frying pans, books, and half a boogie board. Natural items found included two snakes, lots of ants, spiders, bees, a Great Blue Heron, beaver, poison ivy, phlox, crayfish, a dead mouse, and an entire articulated deer skeleton.

Energetics offers full-time employees 8 hours of community service time per year, which they can use to participate in volunteer activities during the work week.

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