Addressing both the security requirements and fire safety needs of students and faculty in school buildings requires a delicate balance. In December 2014, Energetics facilitated the School Safety, Codes and Security Workshop, organized by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The workshop sought to identify considerations within appropriate codes and standards and within emergency planning to better balance student and staff security and life safety in a school setting. Energetics employed innovative collaboration techniques to foster lively and productive discussions and balance the multiple perspectives of a diverse group of stakeholders. As a result, the workshop successfully garnered numerous innovative ideas, concepts, and designs.  

Energetics thoroughly analyzed and expertly synthesized the workshop discussions to produce the Workshop on School Safety, Codes and Security Final Report, which summarizes participants’ input and recommendations, identifies high-level themes, and provides multiple pathways for moving forward, particularly for the codes and standards development community. As a result of this work, NFPA anticipates updates to relevant codes, standards, procedures, policies, and operational tactics.

The NFPA approached Energetics to perform this work after having a positive experience at a National Institute of Standards and Technology brainstorming meeting also expertly facilitated by Energetics.

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