In early June, Energetics presented three papers at the 2015 Industrial Energy Technology Conference in New Orleans. Industrial energy managers and utility experts from the United States and abroad attend the annual event to get up-to-date information on industrial innovations, energy use and waste reduction, and government programs that affect industry. Energetics’ Sabine Brueske gave presentations on three diverse areas—all of critical relevance to the future of industrial energy usage.

  • Modern Visualization of Manufacturing Energy Use and Loss, a New Interactive and Dynamic Sankey Tool. Understanding energy flow is key to improving energy efficiency, so industry stakeholders will benefit from the energy flow visualization product that Energetics developed for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). This interactive software product presents energy data in the form of Sankey diagrams. At the conference, Ms. Brueske explained the tool’s functions and benefits, including a manufacturing subsector comparison feature.
  • Energy Savings Opportunity in Manufacturing Lightweight Structural Materials. Energetics supported the writing and publication of these “mini” energy bandwidth reports for the AMO. Their development entailed analyzing manufacturing energy consumption and savings for seven materials and their associated processing methods. Ms. Brueske provided a draft overview for conference attendees, showing how analysis findings can help government and industry stakeholders target focus areas for energy usage reduction.
  • Global Collaboration on Energy Management, ISO 50001. Energetics delivered this presentation in its support role to the Energy Management Working Group, whose secretariat is housed in DOE. Ms. Brueske covered the critical role of energy management systems (EnMS) and the global EnMS standard, ISO 50001, in achieving energy security, risk management, economic growth, and sustainability—goals of importance to governments across the globe.

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