Energetics was recently awarded a contract from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop a Research Roadmap for Advancing Technologies in California’s Industrial, Agricultural, and Water Sectors. The Energetics team includes small business partners and subject matter experts located in California. The team will help identify, describe and prioritize research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) gaps that must be addressed to achieve the state’s goals related to industrial, agricultural, and water energy use. Energy technology areas of focus include industrial (e.g., chemicals, petroleum, forest products, and food manufacturing), bioenergy, data centers, agriculture, and water and wastewater. 

Recent California legislation and executive orders have set the bar high for energy providers and users in the state. California utilities and various classes of end users need to achieve 50% renewable generation by 2030, double the energy efficiency of buildings, and address drought-related laws, among other mandates. 

The CEC determined that a roadmap was needed for strategic planning. Energetics has 35 years’ experience developing strategic planning products such as industrial roadmaps. Along with this expertise, we provide technical knowledge in the relevant sectors to guide each phase of roadmap development, ensuring the final product is on target to help achieve California’s legislated goals.

To develop the roadmap, Energetics will first complete a technical assessment of existing technologies and ongoing supportive business and regulatory strategies in the state. This assessment will involve conducting literature reviews, interviewing subject matter experts, and holding workshops to facilitate robust discussion between stakeholders. Through these efforts, Energetics will gain broad perspectives on the technology and research challenges, needs, and priorities in each sector, as well as actionable approaches for the top technology RDD&D areas. Our staff will analyze the information and data gathered and conduct a multi-faceted peer review effort, which will serve as the basis for a roadmap report. 

With this document in hand, the CEC can establish an RDD&D portfolio that targets the right mix of scientific and technological advancements, sets and meets appropriate milestones, and leverages available resources to accelerate the delivery of effective products and practices.

Energetics’ team members in this effort are DAV Energy, TSS Consultants, RCM International LLC, and subject matter experts from the University of California, Davis.

Energetics has written more than 300 vision documents, strategic plans, roadmaps and similar products.

Energetics has written more than 300 vision documents, strategic plans, roadmaps and similar products.