President Obama congratulates Secretary Moniz on successful events

On June 1 and 2, the United States hosted the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) and the first Mission Innovation (MI) Ministerial in San Francisco, California. Energetics provided considerable support to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in preparation for the two-day event, which represented the first international gathering of energy ministers and other high-level energy leaders since the COP21 U.N. Convention of Parties.

Energy ministers gathered in California on June 1 and 2.

Energy ministers gathered in California on June 1 and 2.

Upon completion of a successful event, President Obama called U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who chaired the ministerial meetings, with accolades for the Energy Department’s execution of the events. 

The meetings required extensive planning, communications, outreach, and coordination with officials from more than 20 countries—efforts that Energetics supported on several fronts. Team members developed and launched major revisions to the original MI website developed by Energetics. The CEM website, also developed by Energetics, was expanded with CEM7 webpages and updated with event announcements. The team delivered a range of products—including white papers, reports, meeting slides, graphics, webpages, magazine articles, press releases, and brochures—as well as communicating news through both new and existing CEM and MI social media accounts. Energetics also helped coordinate CEM7 public–private roundtables in which energy leaders gathered to discuss challenges and solutions to wide-spread clean energy implementation.

“Energetics played a huge and supporting role in this MI/CEM success,” said Dr. Robert Marlay, Director for the DOE Office of International Science & Technology Collaboration.

The events were the first meeting of energy ministers following the Paris Agreement at COP21, which was the venue for the launch of Mission Innovation. MI is an initiative among 20 countries and the European Union to seek to double government clean energy research and development (R&D) funding over five years. The Clean Energy Ministerial is an international forum to promote policies and share best practices to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

Energy leaders from governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, and the private sector participated in the two-day event, which featured discussions among representatives from countries responsible for 90% of global clean energy investments and more than 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. The 21 MI members announced specific plans to double investment in clean energy R&D by 2021. In total, MI members plan to invest more than $100 billion in clean energy R&D over the next five years. At CEM, 23 countries, the European Union, nearly 60 companies and organizations, and 10 subnational governments also made more than $1.5 billion in commitments to accelerate the deployment of clean energy and increase energy access.

The meetings took place at the Westin St. Francis near Union Square, where a clean energy technology showcase ran in parallel both days.

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