At two recent conferences, Jonathan Rogers, Bioenergy Team Lead in the Science & Technologies Division of Energetics, delivered a presentation on the evolving U.S. bioeconomy. Jon supports the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) in assessing the socioeconomic impacts that might be achieved if the full potential of U.S. biomass resources were to be used to produce a wide range of fuels and products.

The presentations were delivered during the opening plenary session of the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Feedstocks in Miami, and a panel discussion at the Bioenergy 2016 conference in Washington, DC. 

“Our analysis is based on the Billion-Ton Report, which projects that one billion tons of biomass could be sustainably produced by 2030,” said Jon. “Our analysis takes it a step further to evaluate the current and future potential, in terms of new markets, jobs, and environmental impacts, of utilizing that biomass for fuels, energy, and products.” Scientists at several of the national laboratories and various members of the Biomass R&D Board’s Analysis Interagency Working Group have contributed constructive comments on the analysis, which is scheduled for publication later this year.

During the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference, Jim Lane, conference host and Managing Editor of Biofuels Digest, mentioned Jon’s presentation several times as an example of why biomass feedstocks are important to the bioeconomy. BETO Director Jonathan Male also complimented Jon on his presentation and asked for a copy for his own use. Dr. Male stated that he plans to continue relying on Jon to expand upon the “Bioeconomy Analysis” and support related BETO activities.

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Photo credit: NREL.