The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently announced a multifaceted campaign to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in New York State. The campaign includes the installation of charging stations, the creation of incentive programs for employers to encourage employees to drive EVs, and extensive educational and outreach efforts.

NYSERDA launched this campaign in recognition of the need for innovative solutions to stimulate and expand the market for EVs in New York. This campaign is part of a larger effort to help the state achieve its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030, and 80 percent by 2050. Because the transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, increasing EV adoption is critical for meeting these goals.

Photo credit: Flickr/mtaphotos

Photo credit: Flickr/mtaphotos

Energetics is one of three contractors receiving a shared total of $4.8 million to support this ambitious effort. Energetics’ awarded project, “Animate the EV Market in New York State,” combines several innovative concepts. Energetics will provide project management, technical support, and facilitation support for this project. Our staff will also report on successful progress and gather lessons learned to document how these strategies can be utilized throughout the state.

The Energetics project builds on and complements many past successful NYSERDA-sponsored projects and EV initiatives. For example, Energetics and several Clean Cities Coalitions previously developed five EV Charging Station Plans—one for each of the regions along the I-90 Corridor. The Plans assessed the region’s current EV-readiness, identified areas that lack EV infrastructure, and made recommendations to establish a comprehensive network of EV charging stations to support current and future EV drivers. As part of the new project, Energetics will help facilitate the implementation of these Plans, which will involve installing five EV charging stations in each region and hosting targeted community outreach events to promote EVs and provide residents the opportunity to learn about and experience this technology.

In addition, Energetics and WXY Studio previously conducted a study in the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions of lower New York State to examine the feasibility, business modeling, and potential environmental impacts of EV-based tourism. The new project will leverage this past work to help facilitate EV charger installations at popular destinations and develop EV tourism packages to encourage EV drivers to visit this region.

The final piece of this EV market development project establishes model EV Communities that are primed for long-term transition to EVs and experience higher rates of EV adoption. To this end, Energetics will assist the City of Rochester and one additional community in increasing their EV-friendly environment by installing more public EV charging points, supporting the use of EVs in fleets, and conducting extensive community engagement to inform and educate residents and businesses about the benefits of EVs.

Energetics is excited to begin work on this campaign and help New York meet its clean energy goals. Energetics also looks forward to collaborating with NYSERDA and our many project partners—Capital District Clean Communities, Clean Communities of Central NY, Electrification Coalition, Genesee Region Clean Communities, WXY Studio, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board, the City of Rochester, Clean Communities of Western NY, Plug-in Stations Online, and EV Charge Solutions—on this campaign.

Read the full NYSERDA press release on this project here.