Energetics recently presented at the 2017 Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) on June 20–22, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana. IETC features presentations and topics that are important to industry energy managers and executives, national laboratory researchers, and technology and service providers interested in energy use, waste reduction, and the technologies that reduce energy and waste handling costs in industrial settings. 

Sabine Brueske, Program Director of Industrial Analysis at Energetics, presented the findings from four Manufacturing Energy Bandwidth Studies produced by Energetics for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). The studies describe energy consumption and energy savings opportunities by end use and sector for the glass, cement, plastics and rubber, and food and beverage manufacturing sectors. Brueske compared the results from these studies with other bandwidth studies developed by Energetics, which cover the chemical, petroleum refining, iron and steel, and pulp and paper manufacturing sectors. Together, these eight sectors represent 81% of manufacturing energy consumption.

This is the fifth year in a row that Energetics has been selected to present technical studies at IETC. Energetics’ past presentations have covered other foundational analyses developed by Energetics for AMO. In addition to the Energy Bandwidth Studies, these references include Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints and Sankey Modeling of Energy Use and Loss. Last year, Energetics also participated in an instructional role in the Energy Managers workshop that precedes the conference.