Last week, Energetics became a qualified consultant to Energy Trust of Oregon (Energy Trust). A not-for-profit corporation, Energy Trust supports energy efficiency and renewable energy measures that help utility customers in Oregon and southwest Washington save energy, reduce utility bills, and generate renewable power. Energetics joins a pool of contractors that support the organization in its mission.

Energy Trust acts as a resource for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, providing information, incentives, and technical assistance to those investing in energy-saving or renewable energy projects. Energetics’ long history of technical and management support to federal, state, and regional entities is well suited to meet the needs outlined in a request for qualifications issued by Energy Trust. The organization approved Energetics as a consultant in five support areas:

  • Process evaluation: assessing a program’s implementation

  • Impact evaluation: determining the energy savings or generation attributable to a program

  • Market analysis and research: Developing, analyzing, and collecting market data to support program design, implementation, and targeting

  • Modeling assistance: Developing or updating energy simulation models, as well as inputs to and outputs from those models

  • Special investigations: Examining energy efficiency or renewable energy engineering/economic issues

This award provides an opportunity to continue expanding Energetics’ West Coast efforts and partnerships. Oregon is a national leader in energy efficiency, and we look forward to helping advance regional efforts toward a bright energy future.