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Energetics Facilitates DOE Wind and Water Power Program Public Meeting 


CoverEnergetics Incorporated recently facilitated a public workshop to gather vital information for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind and Water Power Program (WWPP) in an effort to formulate a safe and effective plan for utilizing offshore wind and water energy.

Stakeholders with an interest in offshore renewable energy met for the Offshore Renewable Energy: Public Meeting on Information Needs for Resource Assessment and Design Conditions on June 23–24, 2011, in Washington, DC, to identify key information needs for resource assessment and design conditions.

During the workshop, Energetics facilitators solicited input from public- and private-sector participants representing various organizations, including federal agencies, national laboratories, and private industry. Energetics used the information gathered during the meeting to produce the Offshore Resource Assessment and Design Conditions Public Meeting summary report, which will guide the WWPP’s strategy for addressing critical information needs for offshore renewable energy and help to direct research and development investments.

An important component in the deployment of offshore renewable energy is identifying resource and design data that are critical to the development of these plants. This information will help to safely and cost-effectively design, site, install, operate, and appropriately regulate offshore renewable energy plants.

For further information about these activities, please contact Chris Clark at or at 410-953-6259.