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Energetics Awarded GSA MOBIS Contract 


Energetics Incorporated has been awarded a contract under Federal Supply Schedule 874, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). This contract authorizes Energetics to offer a wide range of consulting services across the entire federal government, and establishes a base contract upon which Energetics can expand the set of authorized services over time. The MOBIS contract reinforces Energetics’ reputation as a dependable consultancy with a proven track record in providing expert support.

MOBIS contracts are awarded to consulting firms after they have been rigorously vetted by GSA in a process that ensures experience; qualified personnel; and standardized, competitive pricing. Firms are authorized to offer services under a variety of categories known as Special Item Numbers (SINs). Energetics’ contract authorizes the firm to offer services in SIN 874-1, Consulting Services, and SIN 874-2, Facilitation Services. Energetics is in the process of expanding the scope to include SIN 874-7, Program and Project Management Services.

“The MOBIS contract provides a pathway for government agencies to quickly and easily request our services,” said Energetics President Nancy Margolis.

Under SIN 874-1, Consulting Services, Energetics can provide studies, analyses, strategic and program planning, audits and evaluations, coaching and training, policy and regulatory development support, and expert witness services. Under SIN 874-2, Energetics can provide facilitation, decision support, dispute resolution (excluding equal employment opportunity conflicts), reporting on facilitated sessions, and other related services. When authorized, SIN 874-7 will allow Energetics to provide services in program management, monitoring, measurement, integration, and several other related disciplines.

“Informing our current and potential clients that we now hold the MOBIS schedule will be key to receiving solicitations and Statements of Work that are tailored to our unique qualifications,” said Energetics Director of Business Development Brad Spear.  

GSA has posted Energetics’ Federal Supply Schedule to GSA Advantage, a website where federal agencies can browse the schedules of prequalified contractors and issue requests for proposal (RFPs) to, or purchase services from, the best qualified companies. 

While some federal clients have previously been able to access Energetics services through the MOBIS contract of our parent company, VSE Corporation, a MOBIS contact specifically for Energetics will make it much easier for potential clients to find and use our services. Energetics’ MOBIS contract is effective until 2031.

To learn more about Energetics’ services and how to access them through the MOBIS contract, contact our Business Development team at