Project Highlights

  • This analysis characterizes critical energy pathways, from supply through end product, for 15 of the most energy-intensive manufacturing sectors and for manufacturing overall.
  • Analysts and decision makers use this analysis to better understand energy use patterns within these sectors and to compare energy usage, losses, and carbon emissions across sectors. 

Manufacturing accounts for more than a quarter of U.S. energy use. Improved energy efficiency can reduce energy costs and strengthen the economic vitality of American manufacturing while protecting the environment.

Stakeholders in the public and private sectors need a better understanding of how energy is used in U.S. manufacturing, from supply to end-use application. More specifically, they need to know the locations and amounts of energy losses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions along these pathways.

To develop this report, Energetics built upon its previously released Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints--graphical summaries of energy flows (in the form of fuel, electricity, and steam) to major manufacturing end uses. Two industry working groups were formed to review and enhance key assumptions used for this analysis, which also underwent comprehensive peer review prior to publication.

The report enables new insights that, at a macro level, can help stakeholders develop targeted strategies and prioritize opportunities to save energy. 

View the analysis.


Joan Pellegrino
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Other staff: Sabine Brueske, Ridah Sabouni, and Howard Andres