Project Highlights

  • Energetics designed and produced a layered, 100-foot plexiglass hall display that highlights the work and successes of the Wind Program.
  • Our technical experts and graphic designers worked closely with the client to finalize the design, images, and messaging for this unique, eye-catching exhibit mounted at the entrance to the Wind Program offices at DOE Headquarters.

The Wind Program needed a hall display to attract the attention of passersby, convey the clean nature of wind technology, and tell the story of technology advances in wind energy.

Energetics suggested content and materials, researched and obtained images, and ultimately developed a clean-looking design that incorporates photos mounted on Sintra board with clear and tinted layers of smooth plexiglass cut into windswept shapes. The materials, overlapping layers, and free-form shapes add to the clean, modern feel of the display and support the message.