Project Highlights

  • The roadmap is a key resource for public and private decision makers as they evaluate and pursue R&D projects in next-generation energy-efficient windows and building envelope technologies.
  • The document describes the technology areas that the U.S. Department of Energy considers to be the most impactful.
  • Cost and performance targets are identified for each key R&D area, as are the potential energy savings and technology return on investment if these cost and performance targets are met.
  • The roadmap details market challenges, strategies for reducing soft costs, and market drivers that may be able to facilitate rapid technology adoption.

Energetics played a critical role in developing a new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) roadmap that identifies priority window and building envelope research and development (R&D) areas of interest. The roadmap, titled Windows and Building Envelope Research and Development: Roadmap for Emerging Technologies, provides important guidance to the windows and building envelope community about DOE’s expectations in terms of R&D targets and milestones for these technologies.

Energetics worked with the DOE Building Technologies Office (BTO) through every step of the roadmap development process. We led the planning, facilitation, and documentation of a workshop—attended by key stakeholders and experts—that provided foundational content for the roadmap. Energetics facilitated the four breakout sessions during the workshop, guiding participants through a structured brainstorming and analysis process. We then drafted the initial roadmap, managed the roadmap peer review process, and worked with BTO staff to produce the final R&D roadmap. Throughout this process, the Energetics team leveraged its building technology expertise and award-winning communications team comprising editorial staff, graphic artists, and web developers.

The report enables new insights that, at a macro level, can help stakeholders develop targeted strategies and prioritize opportunities to save energy. 

View the roadmap.