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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) aims to help U.S. manufacturers improve their energy efficiency. A critical first step in this process is to better understand where and how energy is used and lost in manufacturing.

To facilitate progress, Energetics created a first-of-its-kind, interactive Dynamic Manufacturing Energy Sankey Tool. This online tool allows both technical and nontechnical users to view and understand the flow of energy supply, demand, and losses in the U.S. manufacturing sector. 

The tool builds on a series of comprehensive energy analyses that Energetics previously developed for AMO: 

  1. Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints, graphical summaries of energy flows to major manufacturing end uses
  2. Static Manufacturing Energy Sankey Diagrams for the U.S. manufacturing sector as a whole

At AMO’s request, Energetics developed the tool using modern, interactive, data-driven programming techniques. This approach is designed to increase access to and understanding of data in the Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints and the Static Manufacturing Energy Sankey Diagrams. 

By making technical energy use and loss analysis results accessible and understandable to a wide audience, the tool helps industry stakeholders better identify and communicate priorities for energy savings.

View the tool.