• The roadmap presents four concrete research and development projects to develop next-generation pulping solutions.
  • This document is a key resource for the U.S. pulp and paper industry to develop cost-effective technical solutions to significantly reduce energy use and improve resource efficiency of chemical pulping.

Energetics worked with the Agenda 2020 Technology Alliance to develop a series of five research and development (R&D) roadmaps to identify high-priority, pre-competitive technology challenges for the pulp and paper industry and to promote R&D projects to address them. This roadmap, the Next Generation Pulping Roadmap, provides a detailed R&D plan for developing technology process solutions that can yield major improvements in chemical pulping to reduce energy intensity and wood demand.

Energetics worked with Agenda 2020 throughout the roadmapping process, from planning and facilitating a workshop on the topic, to synthesizing the results, to drafting the roadmap, and to developing an infrastructure for roadmap implementation.

The roadmap details the best available technologies, R&D priority topic areas, technical challenges, and technical solutions and presents concrete R&D project maps for the four projects that were determined to have the greatest potential impact. The projects are designed to produce a concrete output in the form of new approaches or technologies that could be implemented in a wide range of mills across the country, enabling significant energy and wood savings. The project maps will serve to guide project implementation and provide a basis for securing funding and establishing partnerships. 

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