Energetics has collected and analyzed charging station data from hundreds of charging stations to evaluate deployment program impact and determine successful site attributes for future installations.

Energetics has served as a third-party evaluator for large charging station deployment programs to assess the success of charging station utilization. Energetics was the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA’s) support contractor for their Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deployment Program from 2012 to 2016. Staff verified installations of more than 700 charging ports (including all cost information) and analyzed individual charging session data quarterly for all the chargers over a three-year period.

The evaluations involved developing a database for tracking data from all participating infrastructure deployments. Staff gather information on location, nearby businesses or activities, access, fees, and port types. A data collection protocol is established for periodic collection of charge event details that are used to analyze charging behaviors, usage patterns, and user characteristics. Energetics uses these results to produce summary reports on the success of the program installations and draws conclusions that help lead to successful future charging station deployments. The quarterly program reports and other program information are available on the NYSERDA website.

After the program’s completion, NYSERDA initiated a project targeting strategic locations that lacked charging infrastructure, installing 50 public Level 2 charging stations across New York State. Energetics managed the installations and initiated a two-year effort to collect utilization information and analyze the findings.