The modern energy and resource markets are complex, and their successful navigation requires a range of expertise and a balance of perspectives. Energetics provides strategic planning and roadmapping services that help clients engage and align diverse stakeholders in a common course of action, facilitating collective problem solving and generation of new ideas. We employ knowledge-based collaborative processes to evaluate an opportunity or address a challenge, establishing a common language and framework that supports ongoing dialogue in defining technology needs, planning developments, and maintaining alignment between future activities and strategic goals. Our approach results in breakthrough approaches and solutions, as well as improved decision making about technology investment, priorities, and research and development targets.

Planning and Design – Energetics work with clients to define key parameters and set strategic goals. The results provide the strategic framework that drives technology planning. We then engage experts in technology, science, and business to identify critical needs and develop technology pathways to fulfill the goals. 

Facilitation – Our proprietary facilitation techniques meet client needs for planning, decision making, and problem solving. Our facilitation method enables the creative development of ideas, analysis of themes, consensus building, and prioritization based on specific criteria.

Document Preparation – Energetics has written more than 300 vision documents, strategic plans, roadmaps and similar products. We specialize in synthesizing the collective wisdom from diverse perspectives to create dynamic, effective communications.

Implementation Support – Energetics works with clients to implement strategic plans and roadmaps and pursue a common vision. We also employ progress measurement tools to determine whether plans are still on track, e.g., conducting review meetings, developing robust performance models, and creating scorecards and dashboards.

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Joan Pellegrino
Vice President
Science and Technology Division
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