Developing America’s abundant renewable energy sources improves our energy security, reduces adverse climate impacts, and stimulates economic growth. To achieve these benefits, however, the technologies for harnessing clean energy sources must first overcome a range of regulatory, institutional, financial, and market uncertainties—as well as environmental and social concerns.

At Energetics, we are proud to assist in the development and widespread deployment of advanced technologies for harnessing clean energy from wind, water, sun, hydrogen, geothermal, and biomass resources. Our experts support clients in the public and private sectors in building robust research portfolios; understanding relevant environmental, regulatory, policy, and market issues; attracting financial investment; and transforming markets.

We provide technical analyses and market strategies to assist our clients in negotiating the challenges of developing innovative technologies that capture significant market share or create new markets. Our experience and strong connections to critical stakeholder communities contribute to the successful deployment of cutting-edge, high-tech renewable energy systems. 

  • Wind Energy – Energetics provided landmark analysis to assist the wind energy sector in in better understanding the technical, market, and regulatory issues associated with the 20% wind goal and offshore wind turbine deployment. Our communications products are helping to build new markets and expand existing ones.
  • Bioenergy – Our analysts work with our clients and the research community to identify technical barriers and promising pathways for bioenergy research, development, and demonstration. Our products correct public misconceptions and help build support for next-generation biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts.
  • Solar – Energetics applies financial modeling to explore diverse strategies for attracting venture capital and other investment that will expand U.S. solar manufacturing and markets.
  • Hydrogen – We provide analysis, stakeholder engagement, and communications services to organizations working to make hydrogen a viable fuel for vehicles and electric power generation.


Joseph Sabel
Chief Strategy Officer
Phone: 202-406-4105