Moving innovative technologies and practices from the laboratory to the market and between international partners is essential in an increasingly competitive global economy. Energetics has the experience and technical and policy knowledge to make it happen.

Domestically, Energetics has a long track record of building productive partnerships between U.S. corporations, research centers, and the national laboratories. Internationally, we have applied our expertise and skillset to promoting U.S. commercial interests in developing and middle-income countries and facilitating high-level research and development collaboration among scientists at U.S. and foreign laboratories.

Clients can expect in-depth technical and market analysis, technology transfer, and tech-to-market strategies rooted in an understanding of market and regulatory dynamics, as well as broadening of their networks through business partner recruitment. The Energetics team applies a detail-oriented approach to everything from coordinating meetings between stakeholders to addressing difficulties with visas and language and cultural barriers. We are committed to fostering long and successful trade relationships that lead to mutual economic development and a more interconnected world. 

The Energetics Innovation Practice is making technology transition happen for energy start-ups. This specialized service is accelerating the movement of innovative new energy technologies into real-world applications and market share.  Read more about it at

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Walter Zalis
Program Manager, Market Transformation
Phone: 410-953-6256