Service Area: Manufacturing

Energetics provides a range of expertise to successfully provide modern solutions to complex manufacturing processes.

Our strategic planning and technical analyses help focus federal and industry investment in technology innovation and system optimization to decarbonize manufacturing plants and processes. Energetics supports ongoing dialogue in defining technology needs, planning developments, and maintaining alignment between future activities and strategic goals

Key Services

Conduct technology and R&D portfolio analyses.

We perform in-depth technical analyses to quantify energy use, loss, and transformation in energy-intensive industries. We also identify opportunities for energy savings by updating the developing minimum theoretical and practical energy use profiles of key industrial processes—sharpening the focus of R&D portfolios to decarbonize the sector.

Support and Develop strategic energy management programs.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of the ISO 50001 energy management system standard to help assist countries governments and organizations to develop and run conduct successful energy management programs to help businesses develop that deploy effective energy management and decarbonization strategies.

Our Previous Projects and Work

Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints

Our experts again led the update of DOE’s Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints, which quantify the extent of energy supply, demand, losses, and associated GHG emissions across critical industries...

Research Roadmap for Advancing Technology in California's Industrial, Agricultural, and Water Sectors

To support California’s energy RDD&D portfolio, our technical assessment and roadmapping activities identified 123 promising energy-saving technologies to address gaps in key areas: agriculture; bioenergy; industrial processing, facilities, and power; and water/wastewater...

50001 Ready Navigator

Our team supported the development of the online Navigator tool, which provides step-by-step guidance to set up and maintain an energy management system conforming to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard...

Sustainable Chemistry in Manufacturing Processes: Roundtable Summary Report

We helped organize the virtual roundtable, then captured and summarized the perspectives of the speakers, panelists, and participants from industry, trade associations, and academia on the use of sustainable chemistry practices in manufacturing consumer and commercial products...

Strategy, Coordination, and Advocacy for the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Energy Management Working Group

We worked closely with DOE to design, launch, and support this CEM initiative to assist governments in accelerating the adoption of energy management systems across industrial, commercial, and public sectors...


Ridah Sabouni, PMP, CEM, CMVP
Program Director
Science & Technology Division
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