Service Area: Transportation

Our work helps to expand safe, affordable, and reliable mobility options in a clean energy future.

Energetics team of engineers and analysts understand how innovative vehicle technologies impact the transportation section. We use data analytics and engineering techniques to determine how these improvements can transform the market. We work with forward-thinking clients to plan, demonstrate, and deliver advanced vehicles and a robust infrastructure to provide reliable, affordable, zero-emission mobility.

Key Services

Assess novel vehicle technology.

Our multi-modal technology experts support advanced client R&D on battery and energy systems, EV power management, hydrogen and fuel cell systems, other alternative fuels, and efficient mobility options.

Promote and deploy EVs and charging stations.

We provide detailed, data-driven planning and outreach; manage pilot projects; leverage partnerships; and analyze techno-economic impacts.

Our Previous Projects and Work

NYSERDA Cleaner Greener Communities – Animating the Electric Vehicle Market in New York State

During this three-year project, Energetics and its project partners installed 108 new charging ports, directly supported the acquisition and showcasing of eight EVs in municipal fleets, coordinated 141 EV promotional outreach events, and facilitated many additional activities to promote EV adoption...

Electric Vehicle Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions

We currently work with Clean Cities Coalitions, fleets, state/local governments, vehicle manufacturers, utilities, and charging station providers to develop a national data resource on end-user driving and vehicle charging patterns , vehicle performance, and infrastructure...

California Investor-Owned Utility Transportation Electrification Priority Review

Our independent, third-party evaluations of 22 EV deployment projects are assisting California in prioritizing projects and strategies for scale-up. We examined the cost-effectiveness of projects to increase energy efficiency, economy, and emissions reductions...


Thomas L. Perrot, PMP
Vice President
Sustainable Transportation and Resilience Division
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